The Truth About Sole Mandates

Exclusive Mandates, a misunderstood concept Whether it’s an Exclusive Mandate or a Sole Mandate, this is certainly one of the most misunderstood concepts in the process of selling a property.  In an effort to uncover some of the myths and truths around this –  and other controversial dialogue that inevitably takes place between a seller and a […]


Give Your Property a Facelift Before Facing the Market

The conundrum. You know you’re selling, but should you renovate first to reach a higher price? Very often designer detailing drives the deal. Remodeling can add value to your property before you sell, fetching you a higher price before you move onto the next project. There are things to consider though. Finding the right people […]

Cornwall Hill Estate

Sought-after Cornwall Hill Country Estate

This prestigious estate has become a preferred address for many homeowners looking for a secure and tranquil ambiance. “Many homeowners enroll their children in Cornwall Hill College, which is recognised as one of the top IEB schools in South Africa. “In addition, the excellent management of this estate ensures that it protects the investment made […]

It's Pretoria Time

It’s Pretoria Time

Did you know that Pretoria is the fastest growing South African metro economy? Not only that, but according to the Global Metro Monitor, a report by the Brookings Metropolitan Program, it now ranks 35th on a list of 300 of the world’s biggest metropolitan areas. As the fastest growing metro in South Africa, fast, really does mean fast in this […]

Property Investment

How Do You Price A Home Correctly – To Sell?

Pricing, now more than anytime over the past decade, is critical to successfully selling or renting your property. According to the experts, accurately positioning your property’s value from the get-go, is the best advice you’ll receive for the current market.   The reality is that ignoring market trends right now will result in the property […]