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“I would pull on my jeans over my pyjamas, grab a bacon sandwich for breakfast and arrive at my lecture at 8.59am, clutching pen, paper and the crumbled remains of the aforementioned bacon roll.

By third year, my mornings resemble some kind of cereal advert. Portioning roasted vegetable couscous into a Tupperware pot, I eat a bowl of granola and yoghurt, before strolling to campus, fresh-faced and ready to start learning. At least, that’s what I look like in my head”.

A day in the life of a university student-


It is part of the dream of becoming someone. My day starts and ends at my comfortable 2-bed apartment, surrounded by sounds of chatter, laughter and friendships. 

The 10 minute walk to class makes it close enough to escape the awkward hour-long gaps on my timetable. I even may consider a quick nap, refreshing me for a late night of studying – off course.

I love my apartment at IQ Brooklyn. It is fun!

I adore the contemporary look of my apartment – the timelessness of the polished concrete finished walls, the indulgence of having two bathrooms, an open plan living and kitchen area, the stone counter tops, my own undercover parking, wifi and DSTV access. So much opulence for a student! 

Technologically – it is my style – biometric access and pre-paid metering.  This morning I delivered my laundry basket at the laundry area downstairs and pick it up in the afternoon – all washed and ironed.

Late afternoon, I met up with my friends at the swimming pool. After splashing our feet in the blue water – we took our conversation to the canteen over a foamy cappuccino and corn dog – hanging around in the leisure lounge at the back of the canteen, before strolling back to our apartments for a tad of studying.

The tranquillity of the Brooklyn trees viewed from my tiny balcony and sliding door in my bedroom is precious.  Curling up later in my bed, I fell asleep sure that our dedicated security staff is alert.

Living the life at IQ Brooklyn is a highly intelligent choice.

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