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Live your best life at EIGHTONN

Imagine spending your retirement years living in a beautifully-appointed apartment, close to your favourite shops and regular place of worship? There’s a deli downstairs, and the Sea Point Promenade is just a short walk away for you, your grandchildren and your dog. Your neighbours may be old friends who have lived in the same area as you while you raised your respective families. And now that you are entering the next phase of life, you have peace of mind knowing that you can still live independently, with access to luxury wellness amenities, as well as medical care, if needed.

EIGHTONN, flanked by Norfolk and Wisbeach Roads in Sea Point, offers boutique living that surpasses the traditional notion of retirement accommodation. Designed by Blok with convenience and social living top of mind, the spacious and highly accessible apartments include superlative finishes and ample living areas to host family and friends.

“With a variety of floor plans to accommodate various needs, these one, two and three-bedroom apartments will appeal to retirees who want to maintain their high standards of living, while having access to a care concierge and on-site nurse,” says Farrel Kelman, Pam Golding Properties agent for the Atlantic Seaboard.

The holistic care package that comes with an apartment in EIGHTONN includes an on-site building manager, and care services for current and future needs, as well as 24-hour security. Although there are plenty of medical facilities and pharmacies available in the area, EIGHTONN also offers an on-site consultation room.

Residents have access to a rooftop wellness studio with a swimming pool, and on the ground floor is a deli. “EIGHTONN allows retirees to live their best lives, among their friends and in a familiar neighbourhood. They are able to live independently, with the same comforts they have always enjoyed, knowing that their health needs are also taken care of. This of course provides welcome reassurance to their families who may no longer be living nearby,” says Minette Munitz, Pam Golding Properties agent for Sea Point.

The building itself reflects a pleasing mix of the old and the new, with its curved wave-like design that echoes the geometrics of many of Sea Point’s older Art Deco structures. EIGHTONN has six floors, with the top housing the penthouse units, and they all have wheelchair access. There is high-speed Internet, essential for keeping in touch with family both near and far. The development also makes use of water-wise fittings and appliances throughout. Comfort is maximised with additional features, such as space heating in all apartments. The generator ensures that all communal spaces, including the lift, are always operational. An added bonus, especially as the Sea Point Promenade is nearby, is that the development is pet-friendly.

Retirees want to live independently with access to a full range of activities and amenities.

“Retirement accommodation has evolved in recent years, as people opt to downscale earlier than before. No longer satisfied with the traditional notion of an “old age home”, retirees want to live independently with access to a full range of activities and amenities. EIGHTONN offers an enviable lifestyle that allows residents to still feel connected to the vibrant, urban community they know and love,” says Laurie Wener, Pam Golding Properties senior executive of developments: Cape region.

For more information, contact Pam Golding Properties agents Farrel Kelman: 083 501 5015 and Minette Munitz: 082 457 2978

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