Nothing beats that local feeling
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Nothing beats that local feeling!

Nothing beats that local feeling… There cannot be a better introduction to provide you with an update on the last 9 months.



I have no doubt that 2018 will always stand out in my mind and career as a fabulously memorable year:

  • The Pretoria Metro gains its rightful place in the rankings of international Metro’s, by moving up from number 217 to 35 in the world, according to the Business Tech article of 12 July 2018.
  • The report further confirms that the Pretoria Metro is the fastest growing Metro in South Africa, by outperforming both Johannesburg and Cape Town by a 7.6% growth in employment.
  • The Regency, the very first luxury, 227 apartment building marketed and sold by Pam Golding Properties exclusively, was completed and registered in September, what a momentous and proud moment!
  • The Trilogy phase 2 was launched in spectacular fashion in the Sun Arena on the 16th of September! What a memorable day this will continue to be for Charl Smith and his wife that won the R2m apartment and the R1m Mercedes on the day! I have no doubt that we have set a new record and precedent for all launches in the Metro, with an overwhelming attendance of 20 000 people on the day!
  • Pam Golding Properties Development showroom opened on the 14th of September, situated on the lower level of Central Square, next to Jetline. A beautiful, well-appointed showroom that represents the look and feel of what I describe as my fairy tale development, The Trilogy Collection. Phase 1 is under construction and can be seen from miles away, changing the Menlyn skyline forever. Phase 2 will be marketed and sold from the showroom and is manned daily by the development team.
  • Pam Golding Properties launched the Property Investor Forum on the 1st of September. The blog went live on the day and we are delighted to report that we have 30 000 subscribers to date. The Forum will be the platform going forward for us to communicate with our investors and clients.
  • Our very first Property Investors Forum event was the launch of Phase 2 of the Nexus development on the 9th of October. We are looking forward to hosting our clients in the brand-new Development showroom.
  • The second event was the cocktail function on the roof of the Ascend to Midstream apartment building on the 11th of October. Apart from enjoying the spectacular sunset, canapes and cocktails, we also released the last 6 units in phase 1, a very exclusive and limited offer. Phase 2, is under construction and is due to be launched shortly.
  • We have also released our jam-packed event calendar for the rest of the year, the events are property related and everybody interested in property is welcome, whether you are buying, selling, investing or just in the process of discovering property, we would love to meet you!

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